Year 2018 has ended

The past year was a great time of growth, survival and permanency of the existence.

With the most difficult Autumn and Winter of my life, then the summer was good enough to arrive here and now we have a more efficient activity. Sometimes it’s not about growing… it’s about being more efficient to pass through that ring (spanish saying – pasar por el aro). I heard in a class of the Master of Real State I did in the faculty of Economics of Universitat de Barcelona, that the Soviet Union was very good at expanding their activity and becomming a great conglomerate but when they needed to gain efficiency then they broke down because improving into a more efficient system may be more difficult than growing. I felt for a moment that if I grew more in number of apartments I wasn’t going to give them a good service, I needed to impove my activity in the properties I already rent, this procces of gaining efficiency and giving a better service to my clients it’s still happening of course! I have space to keep on improving.

My activities where inside the family and now I’ve taken that out from there, gained independence and legal security which helps this rock business to be solid, maybe like a strong limestone rock not like a granite one yet.

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